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The perfect fit is possible

A well-fitted gown should support and shape the bust, accentuate and complement the body's shape, and be long enough to cover the shoes.

Be sure to bring your day-of essentials to get a true fit. You want to wear exactly what you'll be wearing on your wedding or Prom day, including shapewear, for the best possible tailoring. 



Fit is everything, which is why when it comes to your wedding or prom dress, alterations are also everything.


The Glass Slipper offers full alteration services even on gowns that will be rented.

Simple alterations begin with hemming the length, adjusting the sides of the gown, and fine-tuning the fit of the dress. These basic adjustments are essential for the gown to look its best.


We have talented seamstresses that specialize in a wide range of services. From simple tailoring to assure the perfect fit, to custom gowns made to your specifications.


We also offer professional cleaning and steaming. 


Dress preservation

A wedding dress is usually intricately designed and extremely delicate, and can't be cleaned like any old dress. Wedding dress cleaning and preservation are key to making sure your dress lasts a lifetime. 

If you choose not to preserve your wedding dress, you risk the following:

  • Yellowing of the fabric

  • Brown oxidation spots

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • Permanent fabric creasing

As part of our preservation service, we create a unique treatment plan according to your dress' fabric, stitching, and details, in addition to analyzing stains along the hem and entire dress.

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